Upcoming Events

July 18, 2018
Annual Picnic at Hatters Park for 2018
October 4, 2018
Annual Golf Tournament for 2018 will be at Richter Park
September 27, 2018
55th Annual Old Timers Awards Dinner

Scholarship winners for 2018

The Old Timers Athletic Association presented $12,000 in Scholarships to local high school graduates. Each student was awarded $1,000 in scholarship money. recipients included.
Bethel High School:
Patrick Joyce, in memory of James B. Leonard Jr.
Jenna LaBree, in memory of Jay P. Waterman
Brookfield High School:
Justin Correa, in memory of Richard Mann
Sabrina Zavarelli, in memory of Deborah Ann Profeta-Smith
Danbury High School:
Andrew Mora, Richard LaPine fifth annual scholarship
Amy K. Dave, in memory of David Lahoud
Henry Abbott Tech. School:
Michael G. Raffaele, in memory of Richard J. Antous Sr.
Samantha L. LaBarbera, in memory of Richard W. Pflomm
Immaculate High School
Connor McNerney, in memory of Michael Kondrat
Caroline Wax, in memory of Jeanette S. Hiro
New Fairfield High School
Richard Flandreau, in memory of Michael P. McDermott
Sydney Collentine, in memory of James Chanoures

Award Winners for 2018

The Old Timers are proud to announce the Award winners for 2018 as follows:

Nick Baiad (sports)
Peter Brady (civic)
Ed Cowan (sports)
Jackie DiNardo (special)
Robert Gerwien (special)
Don McGran (sports)
Jim Pacific (sports)
Choppy Pippa (sports)
Bill SLifkin (special)
Michael Stein (sports)
Les Wallin (sports)

Annual Golf Tournament 2018

The winners of the annual Golf Tournament for 2018 are Jim Tierney, Paul DiNardo, Frank Lamberti, and Ray Chablet.

The gross income from the tournament amounted to $19,315.00. After expenses, all proceeds will be donated to the six area schools for assistance in purchasing athletic equipment.

Election of Officers for 2018 and 2019

The Old Timers elected officers for the upcoming 2019 and 2020 seasons:

President - Mike Bonacci
Vice President - Augie DeLuca
Secretary - Bill Slifkin
Treasurer - Ted Lucas

54th Anniversary Dinner (2018)

The 55th Annual Awards Dinner of the Old Timers of Danbury will be held on Thursday, September 27th, 2018 at the Amber Room in Danbury.

Ticket prices and locations for purchase will be announced at a later date.